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Originally Posted by mrunner
Originally Posted by 300hp View Post
You got me wrong, a 328i can be had with the same m sport stuff save for a few things and that sweet smooth inline 6. I know guys who paid 54k for the 328i m sport, you can get an S4 with nav for that.

The guys spending at the S4 levels are smart enough to know the S4 is no M3, it's right there at the 3er level. Even the RS5 has bean beaten in every comparo by the E90 M3. One of my neighbors who has the f30 328i thought mine was a 5 series, probably she was thinking M5 due to the color, if these types of comments give me a high then I am lost.
This might be so, but we're talking about marketing, this is how this all started, and how Audi has seemingly been sucessful in making the S4 out to be the competitor to the 335 and the M3. Rightfully or not, sticking S4 on an audi has the same effect as sticking M, or SS, or GT,GTR, GTS etc... on various cars, and is what the marketing hopes to, and has largely achieved with buyers in the market for an Audi or BMW. Eventhough, maybe it is true, that in terms of where it sits, performance wise it probably sits where the 335sits.

And I'm not going to take away from your enjoyment of your 335. You got the proper car. Tell you what. I went to see an A4. I sat it in it in the show room, I didn't even take it out on a test drive, I just didn't want it, it tries too hard to be the cool kid, I went back to the BMW dealer and bought one. It makes me happy. BMW is, THE CAR. It doesn't need to try to be cool,figuratively, it just is. Crappy cup holders and all. Audi is the current trend, and I don't want to follow it.

Now if we step away from what marketing wants us to believe, for me, what I said before was, that I think that a AWD 335 should be the comparison, not as what I usually see as the comparisons to be between a RWD 335 or M3 and and S4 on internet reviews/comparisons or videos. Again not because RWD is bad, and the RWD does well vs the S4. But you can't compare them properly. They don't behave the same way. You get enthousiastic reviewer comments for the S4 like "you just can't get this car loose, it's like it is riding on rails" and for the M3, "You really can get the rear loose, i'm fighting it, it takes every skill I have to race it, i wonder if I will make it out alive" but then again maybe that is the whole point of the M3.

But If the reviewer likes the RWD M3 type of sports car, then maybe the comments, for the S4 could be "you just can't get this car loose, it's like it is riding on rails, how boring" and for the M3 "everytime I take a corner the rear gets loose, i'm fighting it, it really makes you feel alive"

But if you are reviewing 2 AWD cars, or 2 RWD cars then it is a comparison of apples to apples. And now you can really pick out the nuances between the 2. But you don't have a RWD Audi, so audi really has no comparative competitor.