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Spoken like a true BMW fan Seriously though, Im not following your perspective that is not "A4 is not special" or on par with the 3 series, that an S4 is not considered any different than the A4, or that Audi's strategy is not working? Your argument is the opposite of most in this thread so Im wondering what its based on.

I am in a small market, but these cars are significant players in that market, and I see most people shopping them as equals.[/quote]

Yes you got my point very well. My logic is based on car sales numbers and what the reviewers say. Now bear in mind I am in the US and my views probably apply most here.

Firstly the 328i is special here, there is no question about that, the reviewers say this and the public votes with their dollars en masse. The A4 sells less units than the Infiniti G37 and the reviewers rank it above the A4 too. The C class comes second to the 3er every year. So right there BMW has the better offering.

My other point is there are two sets of people, those who know stuff and those who don't. Those who don't will see an S 4 and just thinks its an A4. Those who do know will never confuse S4 for an M3 competitor, I would be ashamed to say this in public.

Maybe I left another set of people those who think they know but actually don't, maybe this is where the strategy works.

This brings the S4 where it belongs, with the 335i where reviewers on one hand say its better but the money still votes for the 335i. I think BMW would rather have the money.
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