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iDrive and BMW Apps are falling behind

Don't get me wrong -- I think iDrive is great, including the Nav system.

But other manufacturers are surging ahead ( and especially

For the life of me, I can't understand why BMW hasn't integrated Siri for iOS users and why BMW Apps are so freakin' odd.

In my car, I have the media snap-in adapter for my iPhone. To use BMW Apps, I have to start it, then insert the phone into the adapter. If I make a call, the phone switches away from BMW Apps causing problems later. The "snap-in function" requires a bazillions steps to activate or the loss of a program button on iDrive. The "exported" iPod interface is OK, but you completely lose all other iDrive capabilities while it's running.

Oh, and I switched from Android to iOS because BMW, despite announcing Android support last year still hasn't done much to integrate Android into the car.

I just don't get it -- how could BMW let Ford and GM get so far ahead of them?
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