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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Driving experience stinks when you get lost.

The MyBMW Remote iOS app with Google send-to-car feature is ridiculously handy. Especially for finding directions to someplace vague, like an airport (never a good street address associated with it), or even something like the closest Starbucks.

If BMW can't keep up in areas like this, competitors like Audi are ready to jump right in. Don't think that BMW wouldn't lose sales over handy features like this.
Completely agree. The reason that laggards like GM and Ford have bet the farm on telematics is that customers want it. That's also why a "stunted" iDrive is standard in an F30. E90 buyers will remember that iDrive was an option -- if you didn't get it, you didn't have a "double binnacle" dash.

BMW wouldn't go to the expense of putting iDrive in every F30 if they didn't think it differentiated the cars.

"Purists," --sniff, sniff -- who "have no use" for telematics are yesterday's buyers. As "Wired" said recently, today's cars have wheels mostly to keep the computers from scraping the ground.

I love my car precisely because it's so digital. And I don't want "yesterday's" telematics any more than I want bias-ply tires.
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