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Originally Posted by kobechrome View Post
Will be taking delivery in a couple of weeks. Was wondering what things do you all normally get programmed or set at the dealer before taking delivery? Things like auto fold mirrors, sport mode default, key unlocks all doors, etc?

Would love to hear some suggestions or popular things to do.
Best bet: forget the dealer. Get a cable and code your car yourself. Check out the thread in the DIY forum on F30 coding. Of the three things you ask for, the dealer cannot (will not) code any and you could easily code two yourself in 15 minutes, safely and easily.

Those are just the beginning. You can have iDrive display the actual pressure and temperature of the tires. You can add weather band (depending on your car's installed hardware). You can even become a dangerous road hazard by turning on video in motion.

The only thing you want the dealer to do is apply the ASS update -- this changes what the coders call the "VO" and makes it a permanent part of the car that won't get wiped out when your car is updated at the dealer as part of a recall or service visit.
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