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What's the DMV fees for? Is that just for registration etc? If so you're getting raped on those I think. Here in NY licensing fee is 230, registration is $10, dealer charges $252 to have it all done by him, or you can waive those and just go to the DMV yourself for license/registration.

Also what's Aqu? Acquisition fee? If so that's probably a bullshit fee too. Shipping/delivery costs are already rolled into MSRP, and if they claim it's to "acquire it from another dealership" that's bullshit too since trading between dealerships is common practice and shouldn't be charged to you.

Finally, Documentation fees are pure dealership profit unless they're paying for a notary or sth for liens etc. You may be able to cut that down/out, but most dealers will insist on that if you negotiated a low sales price so they make some money.