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Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
A couple things here.

1) Your SALAPA-Element's are your vehicle's unique option codes (e.g. 205 Automatic Transmission, 609 Navigation Professional, 2VL Sport Steering, etc,)

2) You cant add or code anything "on" that requires hardware you physically do not have, whether through FA (VO) Coding or FDL Coding.

3) You can accomplish everything via FDL Coding if you know what you are doing, although it can be more tedious when there are many changes required. But for instances where you don't fully know all the required FDL Codes to enable a feature, or for ease, if you have the required hardware, you can alter your VO Option Codes, and then VO Code a module(s), which will code the entire module, all at once, making all the FDL changes for you to support every Option Code in your VO.

So for example, removing 6NH from your VO and replacing it with 6NK won't automatically get you Enhanced Bluetooth functionality unless you physically also have a Combox.
shawn, so when i look to start coding, since all i want is my bluetooth extended functionality (audio profile, etc) and usb without y cable (as dos verified works), would it be easiest to just follow the supplement part 3 and change my vo from 6nh to 6nL and let it code the module options for me? i have a combox media already.

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