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328i. No MORE!!

Hey Guys,

Happy New Year to all.

I really just need a few things from you all. I need that BMW love guys.

I bought one of the earliest F30 328iís this year. I was reluctant not to get a 335 but was..ahem...influenced into the 4 cyl.

It is a great 4 cyl, donít get me wrong. It is QUICK for a 4 cyl. MPG is good I have put it up against E90 328iís and beat them.

I am in no way hating on the 328 nor its engine, it just is not for me. (she tried to change me, they always do haha)

But....I miss that sound of a 6. I had a E90 330i which IMO sounded amazing due to the large intake that came on it.

I bought the car hoping for BMW perf exhaust/pwr kit and now that I sit back and look at it I feel like that putting those on my car are just going to fail to satisfy my thirst for 6 cylinder sex sounds under the hood and out the exhaust.

So, this weekend I am taking the plunge (again) and ordering a 335i. I think reading that 3 cyl motors will be replacing all cars below a 5 series in the future scares me even more so I just need to do this. I plan on buy the car and using it as a daily driver...then in a few years buying an m3/m5 (one step at a time) while keeping my 335 as a daily driver.

I am def. getting a 6 speed manual, how do you like it if you have one? How is the clutch feel and what not. how does the ASS work with a manual?

Also, I canít decide between white, and mineral grey. BMW build your own tool doesnít do it justice enough to decide, plus it would be nice to see both with some mods and tint (post pics plz)

Also, I have watched about every F30 335 Exhaust video on youtube so if someone has one in the personal stash of vids post it here so I can make a decision on that. Maybe it is the quality of cameras people have been recording these vids with but the exhaust seems raspy and disappointing. Please tell me I am wrong!

I am a huge BMW fan, I know way more than I should about BMW and their cars I have been a fan since I was 11. I am 23 now and have owned 4 BMWs in my life. Some may call me crazy, but they probably drive a honda.

I just need to talk to other BMW lovers thats all.
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