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Theres no luxury tax on this car especially for a lease, its just padded for additional profit. You can get rid of that.

$90 tax on $299? unless NJ tax rate is 30% then it doesnt add up. This is likely tax for Acquisition fee and doc fee and some of the other charges since your tax rate is only 7%.

If you want more information, you can PM me or email me your buyers order and i will analyze the crap out of it for you. You can leave the part with your name and address out if you wish.
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Long story short. He was a huge black male. Probably 6'2" or taller and 250 lbs. He was angry as hell, and I am a tiny 5'4 white male. So, I did the only thing I could, I threw my car into reverse and no one was behind me, and I drove thru the red light as I went around him.