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Originally Posted by Vitoco View Post
From what I can understand, you´re not so much complaining bout the power but rather its the F30 body/weight/feel/handling that you ain´t satisfied with. Well, the 328 is more nimble than the 335 and handles better (F30s). So what ever advice you get from the other ones in here sayin´you should have gotten the 335i, forget about it. Unless it´s the power you´re after, you can´t do better with the 335i. (Prayin to God I don´t start a damn 328vs335 discussion now.......)

And what is with the comparison with S4 vs A4? S4 is a specific model of the A4, which is the family name. That´s equivalent to M3 vs F30 (and before anyone gets anal about it, yes the RS4 is the M3 competitor...)
Vitoco hit the nail on the head. His complaint is more to do with the F30 in general than the 328i specifically. The OP's 2011 335i is heavier than the 2013 328i, so the feeling of it being "heavier" is more to do with the increased size of the new chassis coupled with a less powerful engine than his E90.

The simple solution is either get a tune for the 328 or get rid of the car. Swapping for an F30 335i will not make the car feel lighter or better handling by any means, though it will satisfy the desire for more power obviously. Unless the sound of the N20 (and the dynamics of the F30 as a whole) are problems for the OP, just go with the tune and call it even!
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