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I've had my car for two months now, been using an iPod Nano all the time. Not one crash / freeze in all the time. I've got the Pro Nav with enhanced bluetooth.

Yesterday bought an iPod classic, loaded some songs onto it. This morning plugged it in and drove to work, worked perfect. When I got back in to drive home, the iPod was dead / frozen, meaning I had to do a reset to get it working again.

Plugged it in, started the car, it froze again immediately, then reset itself. The iDrive was showing the track playing and album as unknown, and when trying to read from the iPod it crashed immediately. This cycle kept repeating itself.

I unplugged the ipod, got it to play a song by itself, then plugged it in via the USB cable. Only then did the iDrive pick up the song title and album art. I thought all was fine, but halfway into the song it froze again! It reset by itself, but this time after resetting it went back to the song it was playing before the froze. It played for roughly 10 seconds before crashing again. This repeated about 4 times, until I went into the menus and was able to select another artist.

After this it's been able to continue where it stopped when I got out, did some shopping and restarted the car.

Overall, it seems to be something in the BMW-iPod signal that's causing the crashes, as my other iPod Nano works flawlessly.

BTW my climate was not freezing, nor was there any vibration that could have caused this.

So to answer the OP, no it's not just you, seems to be a common problem.