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Originally Posted by pallymore View Post the way, I was just thinking...instead of emptying my bank account, probably it's a good idea to finance part of it. I've never tried auto loans before, not sure how it works.
I was reading about the BMW Financing services...if I decide to finance part of the price, do I just apply for it on bmwusa directly? should I do it before or after placing the order?
Any major bank offers financing for autos. You go about it much the same as a normal loan or mortgage: walk in, talk to a rep, they'll check your credit etc, give you some options of terms and such, sign paperwork, and then they'll issue a check for the loan which you can take to the dealer.

Typically you can either get fixed rate (which is usually slightly higher than current market rate, but guaranteed not to change for the duration of the loan) or variable (at current market rate and will change with market rate), and choose from anything from a 24 month loan to a 60 month loan.

If you decide to finance through BMW, your dealer will walk you through the whole process (no need to go online first yourself). You may also be able to take advantage of any incentives BMWNA offers for their financing at that time.