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I'm a little disappointed. But to be fair it's not totally BMW's fault (if at all). Whilst i'd clearly done research and knew more than my dealer about the car, if only he'd questioned me a bit more a out my needs I would have gone for the M-Sport 328i (can't see why anyone wouldn't as for an extra 500 in the UK you get at least that in options).

Also Tanzanite Blue...Hmmm....not completely sold on it and couldn't view it at all (not even a sample in a dealers draw). The website doesn't do a good job representing it (it's darker in reality). Perhaps when the sun comes out the flecks in the paint will show off some more.

So I'm stuck with a car im not totally happy with. Partially my fault (for not doing even more research). Having said that, no matter who's fault, I'm sure BMW would rather have happy owners than one's feeling less than thrilled.

All in all am looking forward to 2015 when it'll be time to change for an M3 or M4.