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Originally Posted by john08135i View Post
23 and u have a new BMW. And your not happy... how do u afford the car in the first place. And lose 40% value in the first year on the trade...
Thanks for everyones responses.

No I am not a millionaire and I know it is not the most financially wise decision but I realize I am young and wonít be able to do such things when/if I have kids someday so I want to make sure I am 100% happy with what I have now at this point in time. I would in no way pursue this if I was not able to do so comfortably. You only live once.

I worked very hard in high school and had a job since I was 14..i was always saving money. My dad taught me to invest with the money I had made since I was 14 (maybe because he felt bad he never started me a college fund), mostly precious metals and REITís. I graduated high school with my AA and graduated with my masters in Finance after 4 years in college.. and now I work in FX Options trading.

So how I afford it: budgeting, planning, saving, working. My parents never bought me a car or paid for my college and I never asked them to either, they raised me like they themselves were raised. Iím not trying to brag here, not by a long shot. I am very humble in life, I know I am lucky to be who I am.

Plus, luckily, I have a good relationship with my dealer and they are willing to work with me as far as trade in value goes.

Not saying Iím like miserable in the 328i. It is a fantastic car, its the reason BMW is the most valuable brand. It just isnít for me.
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