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Originally Posted by Rossifumi View Post
I will install it at the same time as coilovers and an exhaust and want to do it with the summer wheels to get the right height and alignment. It's not that I think it would be bad during the winter or something like that.
Sick!! I wanna get the exhaust too! But I am thinking of the M Tech front which would drastically change the look! I am so sick of the stock Sport front end!!

Originally Posted by remmib View Post
Very nice.

Originally Posted by Markus2003 View Post
Gorgeous spoiler! Where did you purchase and my I ask how much? Thanks
I purchased it through the dealer for $150!

Originally Posted by BELGIUM BMW View Post
Very nice
I will install exactly the same in red on my 328xi in a few weeks.
cost 145 Euros and a friend of mine will paint it.
Is it easy to fix
Very nice!! what color will you paint it as? Can't wait to see your setup!

Originally Posted by TreDirtyFive View Post
looks good, I have the same spoiler but the color on yours looks a touch off?
Hmm!! It looks so in the pics too! I dunno why.. Looks fine in person tho!

Originally Posted by PGT View Post
I know its just the camera, but that red on the spoiler is more 'orange" than the paint on the car. I'm the only one who'll notice, I'm sure.
Yea looks a bit orange in the pics, but looks fine in person!