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335xi and S4 in my garage

Not sure if I posted in the correct thread, I could not start a new thread as I only have 2 posts. Sorry if this is the wrong area.

For me the correct comparison is 335xi vs s4

I own a 2013 335xi M sport and a 2013 S4. Both cars were within $1500 dollars of the other, I consider price differential to be insignificant for my own analysis.

The following is my personal opinion.

1) The bmw exterior styling is way sportier and not like a loaf of bread as my wife explains, but still very nice in an executive formal way, cool looking, whereas the 335 is all about sport.

2) Estoril Blue is a very special colour, Audi had no special colour.

3) Interior of both are equal in terms of quality, fit and finish, with a slight edge to bmw. The smooth leather of the S4 feels and looks cheap when compared to the bmw. The texture of the bmw leather to me feels and looks better and more substantial.

The dash of the S4 again is very nice but it looks like it could be in any nice and proper sedan that my dad would drive, with the exception of the carbon look trim. The bmw is of equal quality in fit and finish, but is again much more dynamic and sporty, with the lines of the dash and hexigon etched trim.

The seats in the bmw do a better job to hold you from shifting side to side with adjustable sidle bolsters that the S4 does not have. There is also more adjustability in the seats overall. The overall impression is that the bmw fits you like a glove, whereas in the s4, it is like floating on top of a leather love seat. Futhermore, the head rests are adjustable up and down, and tilt forward and back, while the s4's does not.

4)Both cars are automatic. The Audi and 335 are equal in acceleration as far as I can tell. The transmissions in both are on par with each other with audi having a slightly more aggressive tranmission especially when in sport mode as it blips the throttle when down shifting. The sound of the engine and exhaust is again more sporty and agressive, whereas the bmw's sound is more reserved and less boy racer.

5) In the electronics such as navigation, stereo, dvd, iphone integration department, both are on par, with navigation better in bmw, iphone integration better in bmw, the dvd playback better in audi because it will play when you are in drive mode but stopped, whereas in the bmw, you have to be in park for it to play the movie. Overall, I would say that the bmw has more technology.

6)There is snow here for 6 months of the year and there so far as I can tell is no advantage of one over the other. I have had the Audi for longer and when I got the bmw wanted to see if it was as good and I would say definitely. Both systems are very good.
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