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Originally Posted by ken lai View Post
I ask the sales lady in Wanchai and quote the M-sport price in late Jun. She simply ignore me and let me wait for 1 week. When I ask another sales in TKW, he can give me the price immediately. I don't know why that happened. Maybe she don't care about the sales or just want to sell expensive M car? (Her name card have the "M" logo...)
After hearing ur stories it seems my sales is one of the better ones, unfortunately she resigned before I took delivery.
The price of the M-sport package was known by the sales since late April, it was then a option package price as it wasn't offered as a separate model. In middle of June it was offered as a separate model so the price should be known by all sales w/o the need to refer to someone more senior.
The M-logo on the card simply said the sales is based in Tsuen Wan, but they rotate to different showrooms during different days of the week.