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Originally Posted by Frencholivier View Post
to fight BMW's Motorsport division they have taken the "sandwich approach": provide one model slightly below and one slightly above.

Adding to this. I would also add that the way Audi markets themselves here in U.S they are not trying to be #1. You can tell with the way they lease their car (about 70% of all luxury cars are sold). Payments for somewhat compareable cars will have the Audi A4 $100+ more than a similar 328i. They're not trying to win with the number game and they certainly don't have the volume in the U.S like BMW, so they'll try to make more per car for offering more. IMO, Audi is A lot like a Mac OS and BMW is like top of the line Windows Computer as far as marketing is concerned.

Outside of the F30/F32, BMW was never really known for their interior. But their listening I'm sure. Competition is good for consumers and BMW knows they have to protect their reputation. F30/F32 interiors have made huge jumps compared to previous gen MY.

Lastly, I love/hate how BMW and Audi doesn't come out with the same car at the same time. The Audi S5 (4.2) came out with 350+ HP over the BMW 333HP. Then came new M3, and followed by the RS5 (Europe)...With the new M3 coming up for '14/15, we can only guess what Audi has positioned for their next RS5? Possibly using the 4.0 twin turbo? Who knows, but its exciting to see the constant battles.

On forums, it seems like there are more bashing from BMW owners against Audi vs the other way around. I don't know what it is. If you like/love your car, it should speak for itself. People usually talk smack, to make up for things they lack. The OP (Economist) did a great job of touching on the marketing part and staying in the middle without bias.

Great thread again.