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2012 328i navigation upgrade issue


I hope y'all can help. I have a 2012 328i with 112111.2.18 road map North America premium 2012 currently on my vehicle. I want to upgrade to the 2013 version of maps and nav. My dealer told me they were going to cover the upgrade for me due to some misunderstanding however, after some issues w the service advisor he claims that when they tried to upgrade the software the car wouldn't accept it because "it thinks it is the most up to date and doesn't need an upgrade" I have a feeling they're giving me the run around. But they said they had to contact some support group to have the software re programmed to allow my car to upgrade.

So my question is- has anyone had their car upgraded to the new nav, or seen or heard of this error? Or does it seem like they're just making excuses?

Thanks for the help.