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Originally Posted by zeezz View Post
You pay for the car and all applicable taxes as if you were buying from your local dealer (you do the paperwork with the dealer as well). You save money on the car but you will need to spend money to go to Europe. Ideally, this works out if you were going to go to Europe for fun anyway. A good ED price is ED invoice + 500-1000 dollars. Some dealers will not know what they are talking about and refuse to budge off ED MSRP.

Some incentives do not apply to ED pricing, so YMMV may vary. the "other" BMW forum has a very comprehensive ED forum so I would suggest taking a look!

To the OP: I've heard that over 3-4 years, you should buy. No point in leasing to buy as that is the least cost effective method.

On topic: Good rule of thumb is buy if you want to keep it at least 4 years (ideally 5 or more). Less than that, you're probably better off leasing.

Off topic: What about the cost of delivery to the states? Who covers that or is included in the ED? If it is covered and you give that large of a discount, it seems like a no brainer, just too good to be true.