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Originally Posted by Frencholivier View Post
OK, thanks to this great community I have narrowed down the list of options/features that I want on my F30. My next question is purely financial. I just want to make the best financial decision possible. Here are my thoughts so far. Any comments welcome!

1. get European Delivery price. I have to go to Europe every summer anyway, so why not enjoy a 7% discount?

2. get a deal as close to invoice as possible. I gather from previous discussions that deals at invoice or invoice +$500 shouldn't be too hard to get (==>even with ED??? is a $5,000 total off MSRP a rare thing?)

3. Max incentives (I only know of seasonal deals and the $750 loyalty discount) ==> Any hidden fees that are negotiable?

4. What I don't know is whether or not I should lease or buy. I want to keep the car long term (i.e. 7 years) to make my investment profitable... Would you recommend me leasing or buying? I'm kind of afraid of the maintenance after the end of the warranty period...

If that matters at all I'm thinking 328i Sport w/ Driver assistance, DHP, lighting pkg, ACC, Sport Auto and BMW Assist (yes I want the tech package but I sacrifice that for ACC)... My only regret is that ACC is not compatible with M-Sport line... so no lovely steering wheel for me.
Anyways, that config works out to $48k MSRP... what do you think a reasonable price target should be?

Again, great forum and great community guys... it really helps make wiser decisions!
ED is fantastic, just beyond words. There are two problems, one financial and the other emotional.

The financial issue is that the BMW has TWO price lists for cars. US delivery and ED delivery. That means MSRPs and invoice prices differ. Most dealers want to sell at ED MSRP because you "already got the discount."

This is bull. Negotiate up from ED invoice just as you would for a US delivery.

The emotional issue is the waiting. Waiting for the car to be built is hard. But nothing is harder than waiting for the car to be re-delivered. It truly blows.
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