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Originally Posted by Sharp_Cai View Post
Another issue just occurred today after I park the car in my garage. My front passenger side hood won't close completely, driver side is perfectly closed with no gap at all. I smashed hood couple times it still won't close, and the gap is huge I can put my index finger in there. I guess the latch for the passenger side hood is broken. Any of you know what's wrong with it??

Well, I was wondering when others would have this problem.

I've had exactly the same problem. First it was on the passenger's side. Took it to the dealer, who said "leaves and debris" had stopped the hood from closing.

Then, yesterday, the driver's side did it.

I got the hood to close by pulling a little harder on the open lever in the driver's footwell.

I was at the dealer today for another issue and I told the SA that this is design or manufacturing issue.

I don't think it'll be long before BMW starts hearing about this and issues a fix.
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