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There is science on both sides of the argument. Ultimately, it really depends on what you are trying to do, and how you are trying to do it.

There are numerous studies talking about the benefits of responsible alcohol consumption. A large portion of this is based around either wine, clear or light colored liquors, or various types of less processed beer.

There are also studies that do indicate that alcohol disrupts protein synthesis and does affect things like fatigue/energy levels and hydration, among other things.

Either way, the down and dirty of it is that much like everything in fitness, there probably is no one right answer. Ultimately, what holds true for one person does not always hold true for others, because human physiology varies so much from person to person based on genetics, living environment and brain chemistry. Go look around for someone or a couple people that you like, admire, or want to be like, and then do what they do.

On one hand, you have IFBB pro bodybuilders like Jay Cutler and Fouad Abiad who rarely drink, and advocate abstaining from regular alcohol consumption.
On the other hand, IFBB legend Ronnie Coleman was known to booze it up a lot and claims that vodka and coffee got him shredded.

For me, I can't drink more than two beers if I'm going to be lifting the next day; especially if I have a very heavy day planned. I just wind up going to gym and feeling lethargic. I sleep like crap when I've been drinking, which is largely the problem. I also have issues with hydration, particularly on leg day, so I have to hyper hydrate on Sundays. This is why I rarely drink. But this is just me.
My brother can get obliterated drunk and still work out well the next day.

Do what you want, but there are a couple things that both sides agree on:

- If you drink, drink in moderation
- Alcohol is a diuretic. Drink lots of water if you do drink
- Alcohol increases your chances of doing a fat chick

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