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I am in the process of discussing the very same issue with both BMWNA and my dealer.

The Web site clearly shows that 2013 BMW 335i xDrive Sport Line has Sport Suspension.

The 2013 F30 ordering guide indicates that 'ZDH and ZSL will delete 704 from the order", i.e any order with ZSL Sport Line or ZDH Dynamic Handling Package will delete 704 Sport Suspension.

My CA never shared this information with me during the order and I lost the opportunity to order ZDH Dynamic Handling Package.

I had a very long conversation with BMWNA. BMWNA response was that they are not responsible for any Web site errors and told me that it's the dealer responsibility to make this right. Hardly a confidence inspiring response.

The dealer response ranged from "we will order another vehicle for you" (the 4 month wait will begin again) to offering token discounts which make the entire matter of how much this particular dealer values customer relationship value even more disappointing. My wife wants an X5 and chances of me ordering her vehicle from this dealer are diminishing.

I must admit that I haven never been more puzzled by both BMWNA response and the dealer's approach to address my concerns.