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Originally Posted by bthuss View Post
to this day i have NEVER understood why people love the interior of a Lexus so much. IMO they are some of the most dated and cheap materials i have ever seen. and i drive an infiniti FX50s and just the tactile feel and fake painted metallic surfaces pale in comparison to my nissan product. its marketing at its finest.
Most people are easily wowed by buzzwords and don't have an eye for quality. The salesman says their Lexus has a leather interior and they think "Oh, leather, Lexus has leather, Mercedes has leather, Porsche has leather, they are all equivalent." In reality, even from the same company there is a big difference between, say, Dakota leather and Nappa or Novillo. I agree with you, Lexus' leather feels like cheap vinyl (but I'm not a fan of the leather in my 335is, either)