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Originally Posted by zofinger View Post
So....say i would like to get some winter tyres...I'm guessing
1) they're going to cost me close to 1k?
2) will the local dealer change them for free in March and October?
3) will they store the set I'm not using and if so, roughly how much do they charge?

I've no doubt winter tyres are safer in colder temps (even if there's no snow on the ground) so I'm sold - but are they a realistic option for someone who doesn't HAVE to drive if the road conditions are tricky (i don't need the car to commute).
For tyres on their own (not another set of wheels), they'll be around 170 each, at least my 18" Bridgestone Blizzaks were; but your summer tyres are obviously off the car when the winters are on, so there isn't really an extra cost in the longer term?

No I doubt they'll change them for free, but it's very reasonable: my dealer charges 10+vat per tyre.

They will store them, or you can bring them home. Think it's about 60 for them to store them for the year.

Winter tyres are better when the temp drops below 7degrees, so yes they will be an improvement even if it doesn't snow. And when it does; well they're the difference between being able to get moving at all, and not!
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