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Originally Posted by BMWforLife View Post
Yup. Ordered today. M Sport, 335i, 6MT.

yeah I like my car, and you will always want something bigger and better thats true. The cost of this car versus the one I bought already is only about 4500 ( i got some deals though on the 335).

Even if a new motor replaces the N55 I will still be happy with this. It is a very different feel, sound, I just enjoy it much more than I enjoy 4500$ sitting in the bank. On paper the performance numbers arenít THAT far off but, I like it so I got it.

also, got the CA to start up the new M5 for me and he revved it up to 5500 rpm while i stood in back in awe. Now im going to trade in for an M5! just kidding.

Thanks all.

There is a name for what you do "cognitive dissonance", you try to rationalise the unlogical decisions you make, since you're a smart guy. You most probably compare the new price of your 328i back then with the one of the 335i you've ordered without counting your real loss in the transaction.

Bizar, but hey, when you're ok with it, I hope the car will deliver what you want, for about 18 months that is...since then an M4/3 and an 335i M perfomance will have seen the day light and those will certainly eclipse what you have on order now.

My advice, try to keep a car a bit longer, certainly such a nice car like a 328i or certainly the 335i you have on order now.