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Originally Posted by jboy View Post
Hi all,

I just picked up a 2013 328 sport with Tech, Luxury, Convenience packages and heated seats. It is a nice enough car, but not the most satisfying drive.

Some of the dissatisfaction come from having a 2011 335 sport also. Despite what the specs say, that car is way faster and pulls like a freight train. The 328 has good power, but feel like a much bigger/heavier car. The 328 seems more stable than the 335 which seems like it want to jump into oncoming traffic or the next lane unless you really concentrate on keeping the car between the lines.

So has anyone else felt a little disappointed in their 328?



I have a thread on this (328i No more!)

Most people think I am an idiot, but I ordered a 335i M Sport and am trading in the 328i

The power I enjoy most is on the highway. The 335i is on a different planet than the 328i when it comes to pulling at high speed.

I am a driver, I love it. I like manual transmissions over autos and I like being able to take on ramps at 75mph with ease.

the 328i is a great car, its just missing that little extra something.
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