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Yeah, absolutely, the use of EBOOST on on-ramps is amazing and you can watch the battery percentage drain at a significant rate and feel the power. Note that the electric motor in "assist" mode isn't operating at full power because it's less efficient to generate significant acceleration using the motor compared to using the efficient N55 engine (the engine later on has to work harder to charge the battery).

And if you're in SPORT mode, the car will much more aggressively recharge the battery to 85% using the engine while you're using less than full throttle, so there's always plenty of power to go back into EBOOST. When not in SPORT mode, the car aggressively recharges to 25%, but then relies more on overrun to slowly creep up to 85%. I've never in practice run "out" of electricity when I needed to floor it. As MotoEV said, the car quickly rockets beyond legal speeds under EBOOST.

Also, note that with EBOOST, BMW markets the 332lb-ft of torque from 1000RPM rather than 1200RPM.

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