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Originally Posted by bringonthenite View Post
Q50 pics leaked today from Front is slightly similar to the IS and rear is Infiniti M like. Side kind of looks like the F30. Monday we find out what is under the hood.
The Q50 is a much better looking design than the Lexus effort. You are quite right, the side view is very much like the F30. The shut lines on the hood are similar too. Front and back nicely integrated. Interior is good. I could see owning one of these if I didn't have a F30. There is no way I would own the Lexus - it is gross looking at least to my eye! Some very interesting comparison tests coming up in the motoring press. Not worried as I will still prefer my F30 even if the motoring press puts its last. It is all somewhat academic anyway. Cars these days are really all very good - drive what you like. My choice is good and so is yours!