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Originally Posted by Shep1 View Post
I go to coin operated hand spray washes but I don't use the soap or the brush. I just put it on rinse mode to blast away the muck. After I blast all the muck off, I wash it at home in my garage with Optimim No Rinse car wash. Here is a thread about this:

And here is where you can order it as well as other detailing supplies:
I think this is the safest bet. If you can live with just spraying off the most visible dirt during the winter, go to the coin op place and use their presure washer.

The other option if you want the whole treatment is to go to a true touchless place wherer you don't even put a wheel in the track....the ones where you just drive in and stop. The only danger with those is that they recycle the water. It is filtered, but still...

If you want to avoid swirl marks, never apply a product to the car if it isn't totally clean. So don't use any quick detailer in the garage. And in all cases, avoid scrubbing to get things off, and avoid circular motions.