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Originally Posted by BlackJetE90 View Post
It isn't just you. People like you keep adding up. Although hey will gain buyers from other brands with their new models, but in turn they will lose the diehard old school owners.
Why? It still goes to 60 in 7 seconds, it's a very tunable engine and it's the same MSRP as both a new E30 325i or E46 325i not adjusting for inflation (a 1990 325i in 2013 dollars would be $58,000). What was the price of a new Camry in 1990 and what's the price of a 2013 Camry?

If anything this just shows how committed to enthusiasts they are. Not all of us care about 0-60 times but just want a great drivers car that's still more than adequately powered.
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