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Originally Posted by also1412 View Post
Hey wayman519, maybe you have slight misunderstanding of coding. It is just a way of editing config files, like what you do with your Linux box (EDIT: or windows registry - this is more like it). You basically can't achieve any fancy feature that wasn't designed by BMW through coding, like you just can't make Windows xp do windows8 stuff just by editing its registry...

But, for the heated seat there might be a possibility as I vaguely remember seeing an option to set the heating seat on during power on.. if this could happen maybe when you press the button on your fob it will unlock the car and turn on the heated seat. However even if this is possible I cannt see it offer much help though because we are just talking about turning it on maybe 10 seconds faster. .
hey thanks for the reply. I was not too sure if it was just registry value manipulation or actual code could be inserted. I do not have access to the config file for the car so this post was asking if anyone saw anything in the file that would help. Thanks for clearing up some key stuff for me. I will not pursue coding, i see no real benefit for my needs.