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Originally Posted by KoenG View Post
The 335i will be a blast to drive. When you are able to hang out with it for several years (why not, try at least 7?), you'll be able to afford a next generation 3-series delivering more punch, way better efficiency, and tighter ride overall at the end of the year 2019.

For now, the 335i seems to be a landmark car for the years to come. So no shame I'd say. Try to omit the M versions coming within about a year or so. They are indeed probably better, but they will set you back several tousands again. And while they are probably good value for money, they won't be for you, seen your projected loss on transaction of the 335i. They will be good value for people wanting to replace their carrera's with something more practical or former e46M drivers, but not for current F30 drivers...

When you can't resist, you'll just surf the small waves of incremental improvements for a few years. Those small waves will digest all your money though, since the small ones cost the most. Go for the big ones instead, and maybe explore pre-owned offerings that you like. That can save you a bunch of money.
My thought process parallels this. I do indeed plan on keeping my 335i for a long time. An M car isnít for me right now at this point in life, when I do decide to get one I will want to use it as a secondary vehicle not a daily driver.

I appreciate your advice, and am taking it. This small bump isnít hitting me too hard, but I can appreciate that many small bumps make a big dent.

Iím going to get the 335i, make it my own, enjoy it, and continue to save money as always.
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