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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
The true reality is that NONE of these systems is as powerful as a $500 iPad/Android. Give users a dash Lightning dock and let them use their own iPad (iPad Mini). That's my vote!
This is Android.
I know what you mean though.

Originally Posted by snowghost View Post
+1 iDrive is better. Even then you have to be careful. The preset buttons are awesome in that regard, as well as the voice commands. Almost bought a Volvo once but my wife steered me to look at BMW. After that I never looked back.
I don't know if iDrive is better than steering wheel controls when it comes to safety, the touch controls is just an added bonus. It is WAY easier to type on a touch screen than with the iDrive. And this also has voice commands.

And I know that BMW offers basically the same functionality as this. But it doesn't work at the moment and most of it is not very user friendly.