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Battle of the Hybrids! (AH3 and other hybrid 1/4 mile times)

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Decided to have some fun with all the youtube videos, and see how the AH3 stacks up against the other hybrids. Many thanks to my wifey for the help!

-Save the videos and import them into moviemaker
-Determine time it takes to various speeds
-Back out the quarter mile times

Take it for what it's worth, maybe with a big grain of salt.
-Weather and road conditions would've been different for the different cars.
-Different drivers.
-Battery level, at least on the Infiniti, was low. Didn't see level, and didn't look too hard on the Lexus. The BMWs seemed to have fully charged batteries.
-Didn't pay too much attention if everyone had traction disabled etc. At least no one used any sort of launch control.
-Some errors could've crept in due to parallax when I read the speedo on the video.
-Method is susceptible to errors in video playback speed. I don't think this is much of an issue in modern digital cameras.

These are the videos used:





I'm happy to see the AH3 come out on top, though that's what I expected. (Promise, I didn't fudge the numbers!)

With aggressive launch techniques that magazines use, this thing could post some amazing times.

0-60 mph is pretty much in line with what BMW publishes. 1/4 mile time and trap speed are impressive!
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