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Originally Posted by maverick83 View Post
Hi guys, new to the forum, my F30 320i is 3 Months old now, and I heard similar noises on my very first trip. At that stage the car had only 500km's on.

It sounds exactly like a steering rack issue, and there's an easy way to replicate the noise with the car at a complete standstill.

Ignition on (car off) turn the wheel left and right in rather quick succession and you can hear the clunk.

I also found this:

And this guy is exactly hitting the rack end, and not very hard...

I've considered taking it in, but as muck as I trust BMW, I don't particularly like the idea of them taking apart my suspension / steering rack... Maybe I'm just "over protective" of my car.

And yes, the Australian cars are built in South Africa...
Not mine, my F30 2012 320d no-line is made in Germany. (no mechanical issue but did have damaged window trims)