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Originally Posted by JohnVidale View Post
I hadn't thought of that - doesn't that leave holes in the hood and trunk and look ridiculous?
I see that there are many people here who didn't understand your question and have even taken offense for what I imagine is an undying love and loyalty for the roundel and everything it stands for - perhaps those who associate their own identity with the identity of the roundel (i.e. a sacrosanct projection of themselves).

My interpretation is that you don't have a problem with the branding per se, but only the branding that you see as "crass". You're looking to get a cleaner appearance and believe that the model designation, etc... is "crass" in that it looks like an afterthought (which it is) and is in bad taste (which it is). In addition, you feel that the roundel itself is part of the design architecture (indentations in the sheet metal, holes, etc...) but would like to substitute it for a matching colour combination. Ultimately, you're asking whether doing this would be an affirmation of bad taste or, even worse, something so pedestrian and banal that it would blemish your good name (like wearing a shirt with a dirty collar or holding your wine glass by the bulb and not the stem)? <lol - just having some fun here >

I would say no problems at all, so long as you are not intentially deceiving anyone (re-bading to something it is not) or stretching reality (slapping a bunch of "M" badges all over the place) you're good to go. Please post pictures when it's done!