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Originally Posted by jk3355 View Post
Hi guys,

Came across the option of ordering a 335i M sport and started to lean towards Mineral Gray. Question... Does the rear bumper which is usually gray actually match the Mineral gray? I also have read a lot of owners saying the M sport is a sudo M3. Will having an all gray bumper look more or less like the next M3? I just don't understand why BMW adds all these M badges. Overall the sport steering wheel, and bumper are unique on the 335i. But will it hold up once real m3 appears?

Can anyone post some clear Mineral Gray M Sport pics. There are some on the mineral gray thread but none really show casing the rear bumper up close...

Thanks again!
It's the same steering wheel with the M Sport package regardless of 328 or 335. The only difference with the rear bumper is the addition of an extra exhaust outlet. Also, the M Sport is by no means intended to be an "almost M3".

On a side is spelled "pseudo", not sudo