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shuffle playlist oddities?

Hey all. I have an F30 with combox media that allows me to play over usb (regular cable) or bluetooth streaming. i often use spotify as my music player, but it happens on locally stored music (iphone 5/ios 6.0.1, latest bmw update 1006) as well. Basically, what happens is if I shuffle a playlist, it gets all crazy most of the time after the first track and shows things like negative track numbers out of thousands of tracks (eg -478/1045) even if the playlist is only 50 songs long (for example). those numbers change and skip around too, but typically stay negative. the track info often does not update after that.

is this a bug? does it happen to anyone else? it's pretty annoying, especially when the track info just stops updating and even when the next song plays, it shows the previous track info still going for several minutes, usually until i choose a new playlist or single song. and of course the album art being displayed is equally spotty. a lot of times it simply shows text (even if it previously showed the art for the same track).