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Originally Posted by Isow View Post
I bought an AUC, 2700 miles. Car was like new except for scuffed alloys, which dealer repaired to as new condition.
I have seen a few AUC with lots of stone chips on the bonnet + one 328 had a very noisy ( tappety ) engine.
Shop about, plenty of cars about and more appear each month.
Walk away if you are not happy with the car you see on Thursday, there will always be another.
Which model F30 are you interested in ?
Its a 320d Efficient dynamics with sport auto, professional multimedia, DAB, 5 year servicing and some other kit that I've forgotten.

The car that I rejected the last time with 6k miles on it had a front that looked like it had been pebble dashed and quite substantial windscreen damage that I didn't notice until I was driving home and a small dent in the side of it that I didn't notice until I got home. This has made me a bit reticent about buying AUC again. I suppose I just need to keep my eyes open as you say!