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Originally Posted by RichardM View Post
You should expect fair wear and tear in my opinion. Some people expect approved new or ex-management cars to not have a single mark on them which isn't realistic. For a car with that milleage I would expect a stone chip or two, perhaps a scuff where people have got in/out but not much more. Anything you are not happy with ask the dealer if they would put it right, but that mean you need to go over it very carefully before you sign.

In its short life it will have had a lot of people getting in and out, and perhaps their luggage too so check around those areas. Check if the wheels have been refurbished and if they have is it a good finish?
Thanks for this, yes forgot about checking around the top of the rear bumper where people slide luggage in and out - good one!

I'm hopeful that, as the wheels are only 16" on the 320d efficient dynamics, they will be reasonably well protected from the kerbs but I'll give them a thorough check!