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One of the most important things about Hard Body (and other sealants) is that it makes very light work of washing/drying the vehicle.

The GTR spits out a lot of fuel from exhausts (typical turbo car with big pipes) and simply use a high pressure hose to rinse off any splatter and contaminants that are on the paintwork. It's so easy in fact, just a quick 2 bucket wash (light pressure - simply glide along the paintwork) and the car is spotless again.
When it comes to drying, most of the water has been sheeted off and the waffle weave towels we sell immediately finish the rest. So easy!
The entire car can be SAFELY washed with 2 bucket method and proper technique within 45 minutes.

Similarly, with the Glass Coating, I've never seen water just dance around the paintwork like it does on the Mercedes.
Best of all - bird droppings are taken care of with a spray bottle of water. Simply spray the droppings at an angle and they are immediately lifted off the paintwork. In fact most of the contaminants just comes off with water and the beading is very tight - similar to glass on your car.

It's amazing to see how far sealant/coating technology has come. There are some fantastic products out there and can't wait to see more