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BMW USB Charger - Light Stays On all the time

Like many 328i owners, I have kids. Kids with iDevices. So I thought it would be a good idea to remove the cigarette lighter plug behind the center console so that the kids could charge their devices. So I purchased the $25 BMW charger sold on the BMWUSA website.

After plugging it in, I noticed that that the green LED was on, with no ignition or accessory power applied.

I am pretty sure the car has an auto shutoff to preserve the battery if something (like a an overhead light) is left on, but I do not want to count on that. It does the same thing if I move it to the lighter receptacle in the front of the console. Am I overlooking something simple? You would think that the power to these lighter receptacles would be key/button controlled and not applied at all times or that BMW, knowing that it was, would not have an LED in the charger.