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Originally Posted by rxander View Post
awesome pics, the photographer and camera make all the difference. What camera ?
Nikon D7000

Originally Posted by AntBabeee View Post
OP: VERY NICE! I want to get the front lip and the rear diffuser. Debating if i should paint the splitters on EB2 and live the thin lip at the bottom matte black or leave the whole kit matte black. What do you think? Rear diffuser would be matte black for sure.

BTW camera man seems very dedicated for being in the trunk, but he did a FANTASTIC JOB!

I want banh mi too now... how far do you have to drive for it? Im from the bay area in California. It's all over.

Where in the bay are you? We should do a meet when you get your car.
Depends on what youre going for I like the panda look so Im gonna keep it unpainted definitely going to wrap my roof though. Get some pictures up I love seeing other peoples cars.
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