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Hi, I just wanted to make a topic on the prices for Australian mods, just so everyone can get the idea. Like myself, many people here probably hate talking to the dealer for prices etc etc)

Hope people here can refer to it, and add some prices of their own.

My mods:
  • Opticoat: $450-$550 Done mine at Ferry Rd Detailing, great guy
  • Tint: $220 (including front strip) from TintUrRide lifetime warranty
  • M-Sport Retrofit BM-51952318192 (Retrofit Kit): $1709.98
  • M-Sport Retrofit BM-51118055820 (Front Bumper): $864.38 [$950.82]
  • M-Sport Retrofit BM-51128056498 (Rear Bumper): $956.22 [$1051.84]
  • M-Sport Retrofit BM-51128054197 (Rear Bumper Insert): $216.70 [$238.37]
[#]=Retail Price

Parts Total: $3372.55

Fitting+Painting: $1852.40

Total: $5224.95
  • Halogen to Xenon retrofit: ~$6500 (quoted from dealer, not going to do it lol)

I will add prices as I go, hope this helps
Doesn't your M sport body kit total $3,745?

Anyway I'll be able to provide the forum with a price on this soon - and it'll be much less than that
+1 for stu and bmr