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I like the looks of the new 4 series concept. I hope it stays that way as a production model. But then, I can honestly say that I have never bought a car for what it looks like, although there are some cars I've refused to buy because I felt them just too butt ugly to consider, and of those, only the prior generation 5 and 6 series were cars that I'd have otherwise at least considered, on some level, buying.

In the next 5 years, though, I'll be a divorced 50-something professional whose kids are all grown and out of my house, so perhaps then a car's appearance will matter more. The new 4 series is the top contender as the replacement for my E92, mainly because beautiful as it is, the 6 series is just not practical enough given that a normal adult can't sit comfortably in the rear seat, even for a short period.

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