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Originally Posted by hrosenberg33 View Post
Just came back from the dealer today, shockingly they did NOTHING about it. The Service Asst. Manager said this is "normal surface rust" and it is not "rust that will corrode". He said even if he sent it in to BMW Canada they would not replace it as it's not an "issue". He was a bit condescending saying in 25 years he had not been shown the underside of a seat for rust. I told him in 17 years of driving and owning cars I had never seen that kind of rust under a seat (even in my first car a 1988 Rusty Ford Tempo). Nonetheless I am not very happy about this and will once again contact BMW Canada to see what they have to say.

It's too bad, it's a wonderful car but this issue is simply unacceptable.
If this happens to my car, the dealership and BMW Canada will both have a real pain in the ass on their hands.