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Just my two cents...

I'm glad that I asked my dealer; de-badging is a factory option. My 335i is EBII, so the stock roundel looks pretty good on it, but if I did change it, I'd go for black and white to match the trim and the black grills I'm getting. Point is, do what you think looks good with the car. If you're going to consider anything in terms of what other bmw owners think, only worry about what would make everyone think you're a gigantic tool. (like the economist more or less said).

One final note, I have a guy at work with what I think is a highly modded E4x. I'm only completely sure it's not an m3 now that he's slapped a huge hood scoop on the damn thing that makes it look like it has a pig snout... Some well done mods can be acceptable by most, I'd assume (even quad exhaust on a 328); but know when you've gone too far...