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I just had a little nutty fit about modern car design on another board. It was about this new Mercedes:

Whereas The BMW is not nearly the travesty that this thing is, I'm going to copy and paste what I said about 'elements' (like the boomerang on this thing). Here's what i posted:

That car pisses me off. Modern car design has been reduced to pasting design elements onto soap-bar blobs. The intent of these haphazard design elements is to break up the blob look to the vehicle, while maintaining it's slippery aerodynamics. The designers have fallen in love with these individual elements, slapping them on the car for no reason. It is the Mr. Potatohead method. Look at this car, or look at a BMW/Ferrari/Mercedes: they all have Separate elements: Lights, fake a-pillar vent, Flame surfaced creases aping swoops and curves. Each element is all so effing precious, but makes no sense if you look at the car.

Now look at the first picture in the OP. Really look at that travesty. This isn't like when you were a kid and your parents didn't let you stare at the auto accident as you slowly drove by. Stare at that disjointed Picasso-looking pig. Now, close your eyes. Erase the image. Now open them and look at this: